David Ducheyne - Plenary Keynote

President of hrpro.be, Owner of Otolith and Academic Director HR Practice at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

David Ducheyne is a specialist in people strategies, leadership and organizational development. He has gathered international experience with Henkel, Alcatel, Case New Holland, Securex and the University of Ghent. As an author he has published on Sustainable Leadership, Customzed Work, Health Management and Learning. He's also an avid blogger and key note speaker.

The titel of his keynote will be"The Strategic Importance of Sustainable Employability. The case of Belgium."

Belgium scores high on most of the criteria of decent work, quality of work. There are few precarious jobs. There is a well-developed social security.
One could suspect that it’s a prosperous country with high employment levels. But there are other signs. Participation of older workers is low, long term absenteeism is on the rise, and in spite of a relatively high unemployment rate, it’s increasingly difficult to find skilled people. The concept of sustainable employability is of strategic importance because it unites the interests of workers, employers and society. But is it high enough on the agenda? Or are we still working on old solutions to solve new challenges? And what are the levers to develop it?