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The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Employability: “Employability in the 21st Century” was held on September 12th – 13th in Leuven, Belgium.

Lessons about sustainable employability and a look back at the second conference on employability in the 21st century

The second international conference on employability in the 21st century has already flashed by us. Approximately 150 attendees were inspired by the latest insights into the central question: ‘How can we succeed in sustainably attracting more people and keep them working longer?’.

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Why does the gender gap increase over the career?

According to an interesting study published in the OECD's Employment Outlook 2018, occupational mobility, births and part-time work partly explain the growing gender imbalance over the course of a career. What are the OECD's findings in particular?

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Employee engagement and benefits

For organisations to operate at the highest level, their workforce must be as engaged as they are talented, and there are a number of ways to achieve this.

Future workplace

Creating a vibrant, productive workplace remains a major challenge for many organisations, and it can be the difference between retaining top talent and losing it. 

The Netherlands is insufficiently utilising the potential of elderly people

The Netherlands is utilising the potential of employees aged 55 years or older insufficiently. Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) therefore misses out on 90 billion euros of additional growth.

Employers at pivotal point on wellbeing

Employers have increased funding for wellbeing programmes, meaning more can now be achieved, said Rachel Arkle, managing director of Yoke, commenting on a Penguin/Yoke Consultancy Wellbeing Narrative campaign at its launch event.

Why You Should Let Employees Personalize Their Job Descriptions

We live in an increasingly personalized society. We choose individualized playlists instead of radio stations. We self-select our news sources and our TV shows. Our cars have infinitely adjustable seats and telescopic steering. Everything is geared, just for us. Then we have job descriptions.

Study links employee health to organizational change

Organizations embarking on major change may want to bolster their health and wellness initiatives after a new study found links between workplace upheaval and employee health.