Bypass Burnout by Focusing Your Time and Energy on the Things That Matter Most

3 ways to reallocate your time and find balance.

It happens to almost all leaders. When your job gets bigger than you and the pace becomes unsustainable, the first sign is often a feeling of burnout. 

2018 Global Human Capital Trends (Deloitte)

Organizations today are judged for more than their success as a business. They’re now being held responsible for their impact on society at large. Explore the 2018 trends below.

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Employability. What we can learn from the Rolling Stones?

How many people have a career of 50 years? Few. Most people in Europe retire long before that. People do not see the use of having long careers. Why is that? Because work is something that you need to keep as short as possible to be able to enjoy life. Retirement is seen as a sort of return on investment. You work hard to have a pension? Isn’t that bizarre?

How Open PTO Makes Life Better for Employees and Improves Productivity

The tendency for Americans to overwork has negative consequences for both employees and employers. Work-related stress has been linked to serious health risks. A recent study estimated the effects of workplace stress are similar to those of secondhand smoke. The effect of working long hours in particular was an estimated 20% increase in mortality.

Return to work after common mental disorders