Plenary Keynote Speaker - Yves Verschueren

General Director, Essenscia, Belgium - President ECEG (European Chemical Employers Group)

Yves Verschueren is Managing Director of essenscia vzw/asbl, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences industries, is a multisectoral umbrella organisation that represents the numerous sectors of activities in the field of chemicals and the life sciences.

Essenscia includes nearly 750 companies representing more than 95% of the overall turnover in the sector. Its 60 experts provide information, services and tailor-made advice to its members.
The 17 professional sections of essenscia represent and promote interests specific to their sector of activities.
essenscia represents and defends the sector’s interests at a European level through active involvement in Cefic (the European Council of Chemical Manufacturers' Federations) and the FEB (Federation of Belgian Companies).

  • 2007
    • Managing Director, essenscia (Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries)
    • Member of the National Associations Board of Cefic
    • Member of the Board of VBO-FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium)
    • Member of the Board of Centre Antipoisons
    • Since 2016 President of the European Chemical Employers Group
  • 1981 – 2007 : several responsibilities within the company Unilever, in Belgium and abroad: Switzerland; Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi; dental Innovation Centre in Milan (Italy); SVP Home Care Europe; Chairman of Unilever Belgium

Opening keynote

Demographic change and lengthening of careers are one of the main issues for the highly-specialised chemical industry in Belgium.

In order to support companies with this challenge , social partners of the Belgian chemical, plastics and life sciences sector established a Demography Fund during previous negotiations. Starting from early 2017, the Demography Fund provides substantive and financial support at the social dialogue on company level with the aim of developing tailor-made action plans.

One year later, a substantial number of companies implemented several action plans. A first evaluation is done, next steps are being prepared.

Social partners are committed to build further on this innovative path ensuring motivated workforce till the end of every career.