Plenary Keynote

"Demographic change and lengthening of careers are one of the main issues for the highly-specialised chemical industry in Belgium" “How we delivered the promise of Ambition 2018 to our employees” Total workplace innovation: the paradigm that will change the organisation (and the labour market)
“What happens vs. what is” – the notion of “change” in the older workforce. The Strategic Importance of Sustainable Employability. The case of Belgium. "Physical activity at work, musculoskeletal disorders and sustained employment: Time for paradigm change for improved prevention?"
“Sustainable Career Management: What is it and How does it Work?” Boosting Work Engagement by Job Crafting, Job Resources and Servant Leadership – Research and Practice Healthy work or healthy retirement? Research on the relationship between psychosocial working conditions, prolonged working life, retirement and health

Parallel sessions

Solutions and needed support to participate in work: Perspectives of people with a chronic disease Depressive symptoms and non-participation in work - results from the German longitudinal Study on
Mental Health at Work (S-MGA)
Do individual and work-related factors differentiate work participation trajectories before and after
vocational rehabilitation?
Job search assistance – A literature review Work ability through learning and development. Discussing the link between science and practice with
an example of knowledge work research
Japanese model for sustainable work over the life course
Mental ill-health and trajectories of work disability among midlife public sector employees – A 10-year
follow-up study
A study towards the implementation of Belgian legislation with regard to psychosocial risks in SMEs COPSOQ v.3 ,The Greek Validation Study, a post crisis assessment of the Psychosocial Risks in
Reliability and validity of the COPSOQ III (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) in Flemish
healthcare workers
COPSOQ 3: International development and German Standard version The third version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire
To care is our core & our coeur’ – sustainable work & wellbeing @ Emmaüs The development of a practical total worker framework to increase sustainable employability in a large
international waste company
Employability - Enjoyability
Hifluence, an extreme experiment in the company of the future. How peace of mind and selfmanagement
is the recipe for sustainable employment
Needs assessment for employers: a validation of the MAastricht Instrument for Sustainable
Employability (MAISE)
Organizational social capital: the missing link between organizational culture and safety awareness Work addiction and its relationship to the Self-determination theory, work outcomes, health and job
Can flexible, “NWoW” environments lead to workers emancipation?
Bridging research and practice: Reflections on the launch of the COPSOQ-Sweden webpage Two Years Variations in Psychosocial Factors Among Municipal Workers Socioeconomic and health-related childhood and adolescence predictors of entry into paid
The ultimate leverage for business success – Branding by Being Consequences of psychological test use in the personnel selection of older candidates Do we capture organizational climate in workplace surveys?
Sociodemographic differences in unemployment preceding disability retirement: a register-based
case-control study
Explaining educational inequalities in self-rated health: the role of working conditions and health
Burn-out reduction based on an evidence based online coachingstool
The KivaE (Equality) questionnaire Social capital and burnout: results of a multilevel analysis in Belgian employees Evolution of burn-out in Belgian companies
The Securex case. Leaders and their crucial role in obtaining successful sustainable employees Relationships between work environment factors, need for recovery and presence of neck and
shoulder complaints in younger and older office workers
Educational differences in working life expectancy in the Netherlands
Relationships between work environment factors, need for recovery and presence of neck and
shoulder complaints in younger and older office workers
Armonea - A new approach of creating a central introduced well-being programme in a decentralized
organization with 6400 employees
Age & Employability: a perfect marriage
Work environment and quality of home care: results of the European IBenC study Work ability in nursing: the role of relative heart rate reserve and work-related stress Job satisfaction and quality of home care: results of the European IBenC study
Disentangling the sources and context of daily work stress: study protocol of a comprehensive realtime
modelling study using portable devices
What recipe for succesful HR Chemistry? How to be happier by working smarter ?
Employability among older construction workers in the United States From healthy work to healthy organisation designs: work and health outcomes in sociotechnical and
conventional organisations
From observation to application: Helping organizations in promoting sustainable employability
From hierarchical NGO to international network organization with self-steering teams Conceptualizing, measuring, and predicting sustainable employability The Driving Power of Development HRM and Employee Outcomes Across the Life-Span
Long-term exposure to heavy physical effort at work, disability pension due to musculoskeletal
disorders and premature mortality
Physical workload and sickness absence trajectories: a nationally representative follow-up study
among Finnish employees
Preventing work-related upper limb musculoskeletal disorders by using the Saltsa method: a pilot
study in a Belgian company
Sustainable Employability@ING : From Job to Job Approach The use of the self determination theory in a working context Absenteeism in SME’s versus larger organizations
Modifiable and non-modifiable factors associated with RTW and employment of people with acquired
brain injury: a review of reviews
“Fit2work” – The Austrian Consulting Service for return to work Cancer in small-sized companies: Employers’ return to work experience
Back to work with/after cancer The right leadership … makes people tick! Prevention by general practitioners of long-term absence from work
Bridging health care and workplace: development and evaluation of a hospital-based return-to-work
intervention for breast cancer patients
Personalised reward by Unbox at Delhaize Belgium as a strategic lever Co-sourcing as a leverage for sustainable careers?
Time equals money?: A randomized controlled field experiment comparing four types of training When people do not realize their career desires: towards a theory of career inaction Burnout: a cross-sectional study about the relationship between personality, work characteristics and
Factors associated with high need for recovery and burnout in local police departments Factors associated with high need for recovery and burnout in local police departments Bullying and its relationship with need for recovery after work