The Provinciehuis in Leuvencapital of the province of Flemish Brabant, is a totally renewed an inspiring meeting venue next to Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

Architecture: an open house

The Portuguese architect Gonçalo Sousa Byrne designed the building. He integrated the spacious, functional and technical aspects of the compound. Moreover, he also gave it a special aura: young, democratic, ambitious and accessible. The “province house” fits perfectly within the larger whole of the Louvain station surroundings.

Accessible to all

The province house meets today’s accessibility standards:

  • Accesses are sufficiently large.
  • Adapted toilets.
  • Adjustable tables.
  • Specially designed parking lots.
  • Differences in height to be bridged by slopes
  • Indications in braille (e.g. in the elevators).


The design and the arrangement of the province house contain environmentally friendly and energy-saving measures.

  • Within walking distance from the Louvain railway station and bus stops.
  • Energy saving:
    • Super-insulating glazing (for noise also).
    • Use of solar energy.
    • Automatic sun blind.
    • High efficiency boilers.
    • Automatically regulated lighting.
  • Water saving by reuse of rainwater and spare buttons on the toilets.