Wednesday, September 12

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8:30 Welcome
Filip Baptist

Conference opening

Yves Verschueren

Opening keynote: "Demographic change and lengthening of careers are one of the main issues for the highly-specialised chemical industry in Belgium"

Plenary keynote

Geert Van Hootegem

Total workplace innovation: the paradigm that will change the organisation (and the labour market)
10:15 Coffee break and Poster viewing      

Plenary Keynote

David Ducheyne

The Strategic Importance of Sustainable Employability. The case of Belgium.

Solutions and needed support to participate in work: Perspectives of people with a chronic disease

Marloes Vooijs, Monique CJ Leensen, Jan L Hoving, Haije Wind, Monique HW Frings-Dresen, The Netherlands

Depressive symptoms and non-participation in work - results from the German longitudinal Study on
Mental Health at Work (S-MGA)

Uwe Rose; Dagmar Pattloch, Hermann Burr, Germany

Do individual and work-related factors differentiate work participation trajectories before and after
vocational rehabilitation?

Taina Leinonen, Svetlana Solovieva, Kirsti Husgafvel-Pursiainen, Mikko Laaksonen, Eira Viikari-
Juntura, Finland

Japanese model for sustainable work over the life course

Takashi Muto, Japan


Work ability through learning and development. Discussing the link between science and practice with
an example of knowledge work research

Mirko Ribbat, Inga Muehlenbrock, Goetz Richter, Germany

Mental ill-health and trajectories of work disability among midlife public sector employees – A 10-year
follow-up study

Aapo Hiilamo, Rahman Shiri, Anne Kouvonen, Minna Mänty, Peter Butterworth, Olli Pietiläinen, Eero
Lahelma, Ossi Rahkonen, Tea Lallukka, Finland

Job search assistance – A literature review

Stian Holmefjord, Hilde Therese Johansen, Norway

A study towards the implementation of Belgian legislation with regard to psychosocial risks in SMEs

Laura Standaert, Myriam Carlier, Astrid Mouton, Els Clays, Belgium


Plenary keynote

Andreas Holtermann

"Physical activity at work, musculoskeletal disorders and sustained employment: Time for paradigm change for improved prevention?"
12:50 Lunch and Poster viewing      

The third version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire

Hermann Burr, Hanne Berthelsen, Salvador Moncada, Matthias Nübling, Emilie Dupret, Yucel Demiral,
John Oudyk, Clara Llorens, Hans Joachim Lincke, Christine Bocéréan, Ceyda Sahan, Peter Smith,
Tage S. Kristensen, Anne Pohrt

Practical Case -Emmaüs 

To care is our core & our coeur’ – sustainable work & wellbeing @ Emmaüs

Ilse Janssens, Belgium

Practical Case - Siemens

Employability - Enjoyability

Ivo Christiaens, Veerle Doornaert, Belgium

Practical Case - Armonea 

A new approach of creating a central introduced well-being programme in a decentralized organization with 6400 employees

Nicky Palm, Caroline Tan, Elisabeth Van Steendam, Dirk Van de Walle, Belgium


COPSOQ 3: International development and German Standard version

Matthias Nübling, Martin Vomstein, Ariane Haug, Inga Nolle, Alexandra Lindner, Hans-Joachim
Lincke, Germany




COPSOQ v.3 ,The Greek Validation Study, a post crisis assessment of the Psychosocial Risks in

Aristomenis Kotsakis, Matthias Nübling, George Pelekanakis, John Thanopoulos, Greece

Practical Case - Deloitte Wellbeing

Christel Knuts, Belgium

Needs assessment for employers: a validation of the MAastricht Instrument for Sustainable
Employability (MAISE)

Inge Houkes, Angelique de Rijk, The Netherlands

Can flexible, “NWoW” environments lead to workers emancipation?

Sophie Fauconneau-Dufresne, Belgium


Reliability and validity of the COPSOQ III (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) in Flemish
healthcare workers

Els Clays, Kristof Vyvey, Larissa Bolliger, Marc De Meester, Philippe Kiss, Belgium



The KivaE (Equality) questionnaire

Sabina Simola-Ström, Susanna Bairoh, Ove Näsman, Finland

Work addiction and its relationship to the Self-determination theory, work outcomes, health and job

Hermina Van Coillie, Belgium


15:10 Coffee break and Poster viewing      

Bridging research and practice: Reflections on the launch of the COPSOQ-Sweden webpage

Josefin Björk, Hanne Berthelsen, Sweden

Socioeconomic and health-related childhood and adolescence predictors of entry into paid

Jaana I. Halonen, Marianna Virtanen, Leena Ala-Mursula, Jouko Miettunen, Eeva Vaaramo, Jaro
Karppinen, Anne Kouvonen, Tea Lallukka, Finland

Practical Case - Branding By Being

The ultimate leverage for business success 

Linda Mbagwu, Charissa Verbeeck, Belgium

Practical Case - Jessa Hospital

Burn-out reduction based on an evidence based online coachingstool

Sonja Reckers, Belgium


Two Years Variations in Psychosocial Factors Among Municipal Workers

Teresa Cotrim, Camila Ribeiro, Vítor Reis, Carlos Fernandes da Silva, Portugal

Educational differences in working life expectancy in the Netherlands

Suzan JW Robroek, Daan Nieboer, Alex Burdorf, The Netherlands


Do we capture organizational climate in workplace surveys?

Hanne Berthelsen, Tuija Muhonen, Sweden

Sociodemographic differences in unemployment preceding disability retirement: a register-based
case-control study

Mikko Laaksonen, Jenni Blomgren, Finland

Consequences of psychological test use in the personnel selection of older candidates

Paul F. van Leest, Steven Vanmarcke, Belgium

Evolution of burn-out in Belgian companies

Heidi Verlinden, Belgium


Organizational social capital: the missing link between organizational culture and safety awareness

Dirk Van de Walle, Philippe Kiss, Marc De Meester, Belgium

Explaining educational inequalities in self-rated health: the role of working conditions and health

Jolinda LD Schram, Joost Oude Groeninger, Merel Schuring, Karin I Proper, Sandra H van Oostrum,
Suzan JW Robroek, Alex Burdorf, The Netherlands

When people do not realize their career desires: towards a theory of career inaction

Marijke Verbruggen, Ans De Vos, Belgium

Social capital and burnout: results of a multilevel analysis in Belgian employees

Heidi Janssens, Tom Geens, Els Clays, Piet Bracke, Belgium


Plenary keynote

Jari Hakanen

Boosting Work Engagement by Job Crafting, Job Resources and Servant Leadership – Research and Practice


Stephan Londoz
18:00 Reception      
20:00 Conference dinner